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Strengthening Individuals, Couples, Families and Businesses
Inner Resources for Outer Excellence Decade after Decade

Personal and Family Illnesses

Coaching and Consulting for Families and Individuals

Health and healing care can best be understood within the totality of the unique individual and family life. Through consultation, coaching, education and training I will partner with you to:

  • Deal with the emotional and interpersonal issues that always accompany a major illness or life change for you and those with whom you're involved
  • Develop your strategies for doing all you can to work with your health care team and your own personal support team for acute or long term problems
  • Regain your equilibrium for self and family in the ever changing terrain of illness and health care services
  • Balance work, family and illness whether crisis, short term or long term changes and balancing are needed
Picture of John Gibson undergoing chemotherapy

Health and Illness Coaching

Coaching is one of today's most powerful tools. Most of us know there are health-related changes we should make, or find it difficult to do all we might for ourselves when faced with a serious illness. With coaching we can put into practice much more - sometimes up to 80% more of what we learn or desire. Working together with an expert personal and family coach who has extensive counseling knowledge and experience as a foundation can help individuals and families optimally respond to the changes, challenges and opportunities of aging, illness, care-giving and care-receiving.

I will partner with you to:

  • Understand and recruit the full-spectrum of self repair
  • Make strategic changes in health, behavior, life style, attitudes and beliefs
  • Apply psychological and mind-body tools to support you in regaining health or slowing disease progression
  • Expand your coping skills, flexibility and resilience
  • Remodel yourself -what to let go of, what to keep, what to add, in response to your changing circumstances
  • Strengthen the collaboration between medicine and the innate powers of your own healing systems.
  • Continue to maintain and even strengthen important relationships despite the challenges of illness or loss
  • Create care-sharing teams for you and your primary caregiver


John, you taught me about mindfulness, the power of my brain, how to direct and focus my mind, and brought all this to bear in reducing my stress and focusing my energies during the sale of our family business.
54 year old founder and owner
John, We men aren't very good at accepting help. Your help has been essential since I was diagnosed with cancer and the safety net care team we've created is just wonderful.
49 year old man with cancer
John, my brothers and sisters and mom and I were all arguing over how to best care for dad after his massive heart attack. You helped us become a team and function effectively and with love during dad's final months. Thanks from the whole family.
Oldest Son
John, my sisters and I didn�t have any idea how to deal with our parents or what was happening to our family business. Your coaching, first us, and then our larger family, made all the difference in the world.
Family Business Family
John, once again you've rushed off to the E.R. and cared and advocated for Mom's medical care and took care of Dad at the same time. Having you in Seattle has made living far away from Mom and Dad possible. Thank you so much.
Distant Daughter
John, thanks for helping me figure out how to deal with family and work relationships and responsibilities and deal with my illness. I was just overwhelmed with trying to figure it all out alone.
39 year old male executive with cancer