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Strengthening Individuals, Couples, Families and Businesses
Inner Resources for Outer Excellence Decade after Decade

For Financial & Legal Advisors

Trusted financial and legal advisors are in a unique position. They are often first to learn of complex and troubling individual, couple and family issues. While these issues are often relevant to financial and legal matters they may pertain more directly to psychological issues, family dynamics, relationship or health-related concerns, changes and challenges. My unique training and experience in family coaching, mediation, health and illness advising and coaching, second half of life non-financial planning and preparation, and executive and family business coaching, allows me to sensitively, discretely and effectively work with individuals, couples and families of wealth and in family-owned businesses to resolve complex and challenging personal and family issues.

I bring a unique blend of behavioral science skills to sensitively, confidentially, and effectively work with your clients toward the resolution or improvement of their personal and family situation. I am a behavioral science member and certificate holder of the internationally known Family Firm Institute and a founding member of the Northwest Family Business Advisors. My training has prepared me, and experience adds to my ability, to work effectively as a team member with other financial, legal and management advisors. Here are a few of the services I provide:

  • Coach family members in resolving conflict, maintaining harmony and effectiveness during the administration and settlement of the probate or trust settlement.
  • Consult with individuals, couples, families on the emotional and family relationship complexities of succession planning and implementation.
  • Assist individuals and families in creating and implementing strategies for a successful and meaningful transition into retirement or their "next chapter."
  • Assist individual and families understand, cope with, and optimally respond to unexpected illness, serious and/or chronic health concerns and conditions and/or family tragedy.

My most recent book: Family Matters Matter provides greater insight into how I work with complex family business issues within a family business context.