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Strengthening Individuals, Couples, Families and Businesses
Inner Resources for Outer Excellence Decade after Decade

Strengthening family enterprises...


My mission through education, training and coaching is to serve as a resource for family enterprises.

The goal is for families to maximize the success of their family enterprises and to develop harmonious, healthy, constructive family and work relationships.

As coach, advisor, facilitator, and educator, I coach members in resolving such complex issues as family conflict, leadership development, the family side of succession, transfer of knowledge and wisdom, communication, illness or death of a family member, and a host of other family dynamics, family relationships and leadership issues. Caring for your family and each family member so they can excel in both family and business is my goal.

Strengthening your family, and you is my business. Your success and your families success is my success. My most recent book Family Matters Matter provides more insight into my work with families. I am a founding member of the Northwest Family Business Advisors and a longterm member of the Family Firm Institute's Portland Study Group. And in 2009 I was awarded the Family Firm Institute's, Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising, within the Behavioral Science Division.

Family Enterprises

Family-owned companies account for more than two-thirds of all businesses in the world. A unique business formation, family businesses are a complex reality. Let me assist your family-owned business in becoming more successful by:

  • Managing the stresses on family members and family relationships of business change, family change, or health-related change
  • Improving multi-generational family communication
  • Planning, preparing for and celebrating key leadership transitions

Family Relationships

The dynamics of a family that works together in a profit-making enterprise are complicated. To succeed in the family side of family-owned businesses, families need excellent communication skills and a broad array of additional interpersonal tools. Let me assist you with:

  • Understanding family dynamics, differing life stages, intergenerational relationships and how health changes impact family dynamics
  • Coping with dual roles of multi-generational family and business relationships
  • Clarifying expectations and values between generations
  • Dealing with illness and crisis in any generation and its impact on family and business
  • Maintaining trust and cooperation among family members


John, Your discrete and warm respect helped our complex family untangle the mess we were in. Our family and our business is stronger and more flexible because of you.
58 year old son and CEO of family business
John, I had all the business skills and drive and your coaching around "soft skills" and understanding and directing complex relationships was just what I needed for even greater business and personal success.
44 year old CFO
Dear John, your expert assistance in coaching me on how to reconcile and make up with my daughters has changed the rest of my life. I can't thank you enough.
John, you've made all the difference in the world in my relationships with my adult sons.
Our family would have never made it through the settlement of the estate without your help.
Family Member - Executor
John, your helping me as CEO and my wife in her important capacity, clarify our many thoughts and present them beautifully and powerfully during my retirement party was invaluable. Thank you for the many talents you so heartfully and skillfully used with us.
CEO and wife of large multi-state corporation
John, as youngest son in a big family-owned business you helped me see that "just because I was part 'bull-shit' doesn't mean there isn't also some bull there." I'm stronger, wiser and have more skills and better judgment. Thanks.
Young, talented 2nd generation family business member