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Professionally I have over three decades experience as a consultant, coach, speaker, trainer, and mediator. I hold degrees in psychology, social work, applied statistics and a specialization in aging, focusing on adult development, family and intergenerational relationships and psychological factors in health and illness. My graduate degrees are from the University of Michigan and Columbia University. My love for relationships - including complex relationships - and understanding and describing relationships is expressed in my love for statistics and applied research, social work and human relationships. Smart clients from both the sciences and creative fields appreciate my ability to not only understand them and the complexities of their work and/or home contexts but to also help them move forward within those complex environments.

My teaching and research experiences include being on the faculty of Columbia University, the University of Washington, Fordham and New York Universities. I am a long standing professional member of the National Speakers Association. I am an advanced certificate holder of the Family Firm Institute, and a founding member of the Northwest Family Business Advisors. Both focus on multi-disciplinary support and advising to individual and family enterprises.

My writing includes the authoring of dozens of articles and several books. My education and experience have prepared me for coaching and consulting on both the personal and work levels. . Additionally, I studied coaching models and am a graduate of both Corporate Coach University International Business Coaching Program and Peer Resources, Inc. Personal Coaching Programs. At times clients are involved in situations that involve conflict, constructive or not. I have studied the dynamics of interpersonal conflict, and am both a certified mediator and mediation trainer. I have experience and skills in coaching clients in skills to more constructively deal with conflict both at home and in the workplace.

My broad, in-depth education and experience have prepared me for providing value to clients who are faced with complex challenges. My professional approach and personal involvement has earned me a reputation for integrity, warmth, creativity and effectiveness.

I find people, communications and relationships fascinating and love to help enhance and strengthen all three. Additionally, as a speaker and trainer I am noted for my ability to inspire and entertain while also educating. I bring the above experience and education to my presentations, workshops and coaching. I welcome the unique challenges and opportunities of furthering individual and interpersonal skills, development, and effectiveness.

Personally I love the outdoors. I'm a skier, hiker, climber, camper. Love ballroom dancing and teach groups and individuals to ballroom dance - including the waltz, salsa, swing and tap dancing. I am a veteran having served in the medical corps, a former marathon runner, and a cancer survivor. I live with my wife and our dog in the Pacific Northwest.

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